W / V series double suction double screw pump

Product Description

Self-priming rotary displacement pumps in a compact range with external bearings without touching medium. For aggressive media also.

Technical Data

Capacity: m³/h 10 - 2,800

Capacity gpm: 50 - 12,300

Differential pressure in bar: up to 40 / 60

Differential pressure in psi: up to 600 / 900

Speed range min-1 (rpm): up to 3.600

Viscosity mm²/s (cSt): 0,5 - 200,000

Max. temperature celsius: 350

Max. temperature fahrenheit: 660

Heating foot (optional)

Performance Data


Horizontal pump execution with external bearings

These pumps can handle virtually any fluid, regardless of viscosity, lubricity or abrasiveness e.g. seawater, bitumen, molasses, lime, acid, caustic solution or hydrocarbon. The W-range is a horizontal pump execution with external bearings. We distinguish from the short execution (Wzk) and the long pump execution (Wz). The short execution will be used for applications with high differential pressures. Due to the low space for the mechanical seals the choice of the seals is limited.