Distinction KCB gear pump and gear pump KCB explosion What?

KCB gear pump is one of the most conventional gear pump is mainly used for the lubrication of medium explosion KCB gear pump is mainly used for transportation of flammable, explosive lubricating media, the main difference between the two gear pumps have the following several aspects.

First, KCB ordinary gear pump body material is mainly HT200 cast iron, gears just for the 45 or 40Cr material, mainly used in the form of a conventional seal packing seal or oil seal. Comprising mainly used for transporting lubrication, the temperature does not exceed 200 ℃ non-corrosive medium. Use of self-lubricating bushings are composite steel sleeve. KCB gear pump explosion-proof pump using ductile iron or stainless steel, tin bronze gear wear, explosion-proof material, can not afford to spark. The main seal with carbide mechanical seal. Mainly used for conveying routine occasions explosive media, such as diesel fuel, coatings, paints, and methanol. Explosion-proof gear pump for medium delivered mostly low viscosity, poor lubrication or no lubrication, it is necessary to ensure that each component must be explosion-proof gear pump wear-resistant, explosion-proof gear pump gear wear tin bronze material selection, thrust plate tin bronze material, for conveying lubricating medium ball bearings, conveyor bearing non-lubricating medium to use more silicon carbide and zirconia ceramic sleeve bushing.