SN series three screw pump low pressure

Main Feature

- SN three-spindle screw pump is of self priming

- Because of the unit assembly system every pump can be supplied as cartridge pump for foot-,flange-or wall mounting, in pedestal-,bracket-or submersible design.

- According to the delivery medium heated or cooled designs are also available.

Transport media type

- lubricating liquid: such as mechanical oil, lubricating oil, heavy oil, residual oil

- Low lubricating liquid: such as light diesel oil, heavy diesel oil, wax oil

- Viscous liquid: such as a variety of synthetic rubber and synthetic rubber liquid, emulsion



- In heating techniqzzues as fuel oil and medium with lubricating pvoperties. ·In the engineering industry as hydraulic-,and telemotor pumps.

- In the chemical and food industry as cargo-,transfer or supply pumps.

- In the marine field as transfer-,booster-,fuel oil pumps as well for ship hydraulics.