G series single screw pump


- G series single screw pump can be used to transport neutral or corrosive liquid, clean or wear liquid, containing gas or liquid, high viscosity or low viscosity liquid, including fiber and solid material;

- has good self suction and suction performance;

- small mechanical vibration, low noise, no pulsation, stable operation;

- coupling at both ends of the use of the word pin universal joint, the pin and the pin sleeve is made of special materials, so their life has been improved greatly, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, easy disassembly;

- the ends of the sleeve are provided with a rubber, which makes it sealed with the inlet and outlet connections, thereby ensuring that the bushing body is not subject to corrosion;

- Between the suction pipe and the bearing body is fitted with a replaceable filler box, which can be used for both the filler seal and the mechanical seal (which can be replaced by a different form of seal);

- can be reverse transport;

- in the negative pressure can also transport the medium containing gas.

· Performance range

- maximum output pressure: single stage 0.6MPa

Two stage 1.2MPa

- Maximum allowable vacuum degree: 0.085 MPa

- maximum flow 100-150m3/h

- maximum temperature 150

- maximum viscosity: 2.7X105cst

- Maximum allowable solid content: 60%




Food industry: the delivery of the ingredients in the process of transporting wine waste residue and making wine in the winery

Textile industry: used for conveying liquid dye inks synthetic fiber viscose nylon powder liquid

Paper: for the transfer of the pulp black liquor

Oil industry: the surface of a variety of oil and oil products

Chemical industry: used for conveying a variety of suspensions of latex industry

Shipbuilding: used in the transport of oil and water, etc.

Construction industry: transfer of plaster mortar

Nuclear industry: radioactive liquid with particles of conveyer belt

Metallurgy and mineral industry: transport of water and liquid explosives for conveying oxide and waste water

Power plant: for the transport of water coal slurry