Brief Introduction

 AY-type lubro-pump series,which is reformed and redesigned on the base of oringinal Y type lubro-pump series.In order to meet the construction of the modernization an adapt to the requirement of replacing the old with the new one soon which is focused on the szcing the neergy, so we develop this new product,it has the follwing characteristics:
 1、The original bearing body parts 35,50,60 are replaced by bearing body 45,55,70,in this way its reliability can be increased.
 2、The hydraulic excess flow part adopt the hydrauli model of the high efficiency energy-saving pump,in average,the efficiency is 5—8%higher than the old Y type lubro-pump
 3、In order to keep inheriting,the structure pattern,installing size ,
 4、The lubro-pump patts hawe the strong all-purpose abllity,its general-standard parts can be commonly used by several series.
 5、The affinage of its selecting materials way and the principals part is mainly made of Ⅱ、Ⅲ kind materizl , the materials of some parts such as bearing body is up to two kinds , that is casting steel and casting iron,in this way,it makes very adcantageous for being used in the coldarea,being wsed outdoor,using forshio-making .
 6、According to the dinggerent sercice temperature,selecting hearing has three types,that is air cooling,air fan cooling,water cooling, Among them,air fan cooling is especially used for the atea where the water resource is lzck or the quality of water is worse.
AY-type single ,double lubro-pump series performance
  Scope:Flow capacity: Q=2.5~600m3/h lift : H=30~330m Temperature: T=-45℃~+420℃
AY-type lubro-pump can be used in different field such as petroleum refining,petrochemical,chemical industry,the other field which transport the petroleum,liquid gas and the other medium which doesn't contain the particulate solids.
Type illustration
  50AYⅡ60×2B,250AYS Ⅲ 150C
  50,250--the diameter of suction port(mm)
  A--The first time alteration  Y--centrifugal lubro-pump  S--the first impeller is double suction.
  Ⅱ、Ⅲ--the code name of the excess flow part/s material :ⅠKind is HT250,ⅡKind is ZG230-450,ⅢKind is ZGCr13Ni。
  60,150-single lift(m)  2--class
  B,C--inpeller cutting times , the order will be showed as A、B……
Structure characteristics
 AY-type lubro-pump can be divided into six kinds,that is single- stage single suction and two-stage single suction cantilever,single stage double suction cantilever ,single stage double suction and two stage double suction dual bearing type ,two stage single suceion dula bearing type .
 The impeller is cat integrally,an after static balancing,the axial force of the pump is mainly depend on the balanced cavity of the impeller to keep its balancing. there are radial ball bearing and a set thrust ball beafing,which is installed back to back on the bearing body . is bearing adopt iol slinger to lubricate it . fins are cadt on the durface of the bearing body , it can be air -cooled ,we also can choose fan-cooling (T=120℃-260℃)and water-cooling(T=260℃-420℃)。
 In order to easily dismounting the parts such as impeller,shatr , bearing ro gaand seal ,meanwhile we don't need to dismantle the suction line or dis charge lin while the pump is on the ocerhaul,we always adopt metallic flexible laminated membrane couplings.
The pump line system
 1、Accdrding to the temperature and the demand of application we use cooling-water to cool the shaft seal cacity, beraing or pump mounting the water amount fou per pipe is 0.3-0.7m3/h,its pressure 0.2-0.3MPa。
 2、Sealing flush is changing according to the different transporting medium and its temperature rpessure or the other working condition,the seal liquid amout for per pump is as following table ,both inter -supply and outer -supply is suitable for that.

Sealing nominal diameter (mm) 13-4748-5960-8485-9596-133
Average seal liquid amount (m3/h)

  The pressure of the seal liquid is ususlly higher than the pressure of the sealing cacity 0.07-0.1MPa,if the transporting medium is easily vaporizing,the het pressure should be higher than the caporizing pressure 0.175-0.2MPa.
 3、Steam line is equipped in case the transporting medium is easily precipitation crystal;its pressure shoulr be 0.1MPa less or more.
The material list of the excess flow patrs
 According to the different service condition,the mai parts of the pump can be dicided int three dinds , the details is as following chart

Material type
service temperature-20℃~+150℃-45℃~+420℃-45℃~+420℃



Casing(case、over)HT250ZG230-450ZG 1Cr 13Ni
ImpellerHT200ZG230-450ZG 1Cr 13Ni
Shaft4535Cr Mo3 Cr 13
Casing gasket ring HT250HT250ZG 1Cr 13MoS
Impeller gasket ring QT500-7QT500-73 Cr 13
Casing bolt Q235-A35Cr Mo35Cr Mo
Packing axle housing 3 Cr 131Cr 13堆碳化钨1Cr 13堆碳化钨
Mechanical seal axle housing 3 Cr 133 Cr 133 Cr 13

● Potational Direction
 Watching pump from prime mover,rotational direction is anticlockwise.